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Questions Clients Frequently Ask Our

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 How long is my estimate good for?
 We make every effort to honor our estimates to the end of our fiscal year. When we can, we make every effort to honor them the following year. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot promise this will always be the case.


How soon will the work on my driveway be done once I sign the contract?

We try to schedule all of our driveways within a 2 week period after acceptance of the estimate. In some cases, we may be able to schedule the next day, but scheduling is also controlled by Mother Nature. No one dislikes rain more then us!


What time will your crew arrive?

We will give try to give you a 4 hour window, but we cannot tell you the specific time when we will arrive at your driveway due to the many variables that affect the schedule such as weather,traffic,or unexpected delays.


Why do you need my home, work, cell numbers and email address?

We like to have all of your pertinent contact information in the event that we encounter a delay or the technicians see something out of place on your property that they feel you should be notified about immediately. It will also assist us with rapid scheduling in the event that we have a cancellation and we can schedule your driveway the same day.


What do I need to do to prepare for my driveway?
If you have a sprinkler system make sure that it is turned off 24 hrs before work is to be done and 48 hrs after work is completed. Move any vehicles you may need to take out of the garage or off the driveway by 7AM the day your work is to be done. We do ask if there is any sidewalk chalk on your driveway that it is washed off, sealer may not stick to those areas. If you have any moss build up please use bleach to dry it up.


How long do I need to stay off it?
In full sun, you can not drive on it for at least 24-48 hours. In the spring and fall, at least 48 hours is recommended. Although it may dry in 24 hours, it takes 30 days to cure. do not use harsh chemicals or turning of tires without the car moving.


Will you block of my driveway when you are finished?

The entrance of the driveway is blocked with yellow caution tape.


If the weather is inclement the day my job is to be completes when will it be rescheduled?
We understand our clients are busy so will try to schedule your job for the same day the following week weather permitting, of course.


My driveway has some depressions that hold water will sealer fix this? 

No, the pavement sealer will not fill in"bird baths", large depressions or potholes in the asphalt pavement. These types of repairs should be performed using hot asphalt.


Why should I seal coat my driveway?

As water permeates cracks in the asphalt and settles down to the base, the strength of the base is compromised, resulting in the formation of pot-holes. Cracks filled with water are also be an open invitation in our region for damage from freezing. Even in warm climates, grass can begin to grow up through cracks on the edges of the surface. Damage from ultraviolet rays and oil/gas spills are other good reasons for sealing your driveway.


When should I have my driveway sealed?

Driveway seal coating is a seasonal business that operates from April thru November.

Fall is usually the busiest time of the season, so it is advisable to schedule early.

Although others  prefer the springtime so your driveway looks nice and black all season long without leaves falling on it. Sealcoat is best applied when the night time temperatures do not drop below 50 degrees.


How long can I expect my sealcoat to last                                                        

Driveways  R  Us uses the toughest industrial grade sealant available. You will not find a longer lasting sealant.  However, the lifetime of any job is unique to the existing condition and level of use of the asphalt.Factors that decrease the lifetime of the sealant include:crumbling surface, high vehicle traffic, heavy duty vehicles, harsh winter temperatures, scraping from snow plowing,  chemical spills,etc. To get the best estimate of how long the sealant will last, ask your Driveways R Us professional when they inspect your driveway.


I have oil stains on my driveway will that affect the seal coating process?
We apply an oil spot primer which is brushed onto the stain, preventing it from eating through the new layer of seal coat. Unfortunately, not all stains can be completely removed but this primer usually eliminates normal oil stains.


Will seal coating my driveway make a rough, bumpy, cracked up surface like new again?                                                                

No,even though we use  industrial grade sealant which is extremely strong and durable, it will not be thick to the point of making a bad surface like new again (nor will any other sealant). However, even bad surfaces will be beautified and protected by the sealant.  When driveways are in very bad condition, we may recommend replacing  the asphalt..


I have a small driveway, why shouldn’t I just do it myself?

The average homeowner can seal coat their own driveway, but often the results are worse then what they started with. The sealer commonly purchased at the large home centers can not be applied properly with a brush or squeegee. It will typically go on too thick requiring many of the large heavy 5 gallon buckets. Sealer applied too thick will not flex with the driveway and within a short time start to crack and separate from the asphalt this thick sealer is also very slick due to it’s over application, lack of sand or polymer additives. In the long run it pays to have a professional job done.